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Pastor's Reflections

You have perhaps noticed that work has begun on the building projects approved at the Annual Meeting back in January. Despite being slowed down by our mid-April snowstorm, the roofers are well into their part of the work and might even be done by the time you read this. As the snow has melted from the parking lot side of the roof, the condition of the old shingles has made the need for these improvements even more apparent. In retrospect, some maintenance improvements have probably been put off longer than they should have. It’s clear that everything that was approved represents a need, not a want.

Ultimately then it becomes a matter of mission and stewardship. For the church to continue to be mission focused as a strong Christian witness in our community a sound physical plant is necessary. We don’t worship the building, but as a house of worship we do honor God in the way that we care for it. Mission begins in worship so it is important to care for the place where we worship with due respect and reverence.

From there, it becomes a matter of stewardship. Whenever a church takes on projects like this it presents an additional stewardship challenge as the regular day to day and week to week budgetary responsibilities don’t go away. We are fortunate to have some existing funds and gifts to help finance the improvement projects but still, the reality for any church is that the members and friends of that church are the ones who have to come through. Here at Bethany, that has always happened, whether it was building the present facility, or rebuilding the organ, or replacing the flooring in the fellowship hall and sanctuary along with redoing the pews. With everyone pitching in and doing what they can, we’ve always avoided incurring significant debt. In addition, we have consistently met the challenge of deficit budgets and wound up balanced or in the black by the end of the year.

With that in mind I would first of all, encourage you to make sure that you keep up to date with your annual pledge to the general fund. If you find that you’re in a position to do more than you thought, that is always appreciated. Second, if you are able to and haven’t done so already, make an offering designated to help pay for the building projects. The less we have to borrow the better, as it will help to ease future budget concerns. Again, it’s all a matter of stewardship and the people of Bethany have always proved to be good and gracious stewards.

On behalf of myself and the church council I thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Pastor Geier



Bethany Lutheran Church
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Rev. Warren Geier, Pastor

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