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Pastor's Reflections

A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but on Easter Sunday, other than the huge piles left by plows and the places where the warmth of the sun never hits, the snow was pretty much gone with lots of bare ground showing. A few days after Easter, I put my snow shovel back in the garage. If it should snow again I’m now into the mode of “God put it there; God will take it away.” As I run in the morning, for awhile there has been an increasing volume of bird song which is always welcome after several months when there is none. On a morning in late April, along with the singing of the usual birds there was the honking of geese, first off in the distance and then louder with several flocks of hundreds of geese overhead, flying in formation in their return from wherever it is that they go for the winter. Along with that, some of our own “snowbirds” have also started to find their way back.

All of these are signs of the spring we’ve all been waiting for even though for a long time it felt like it would never come. By the time you read this it may even be that local baseball, softball and track teams will be able to practice and play outdoors and the soft, green canopy of early leaves will start to show on tree branches that were coated with ice not all that long ago.

In addition to being signs of spring, all these things are also reminders of resurrection, reminders of new life and such reminders are helpful. In places where the weather stays more or less the same throughout the year or in southern hemisphere places where the seasons are reversed, the theological truth of Easter is still the same. “Alleluia! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!” is still the same; but the reminders of new life that the natural world provides in northern places are missing.

With Easter being late this year, the entire month of May is part of the Easter season. Other things will happen along the way: Mothers’ Day, Synod Assembly, Confirmation, Memorial Day, perhaps other significant events in your own life, but in church we continue to celebrate Easter for seven Sundays and seven weeks. During these seven weeks, after forty days we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus and after fifty days we celebrate Pentecost but it’s all part of the resurrection truth of Easter. We wind up spending forty days in preparation for Easter and then we spend fifty days celebrating it.

Again, the signs of spring are signs of resurrection and they can be helpful reminders of the truth that we celebrate during this time…if we take time to notice. Too often we don’t, distracted as we are by many things. Paying attention though, the signs are there. Let them be reminders to you that “He is Risen!” and that the celebration goes on!

Pastor Geier


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